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About Us

We’ll make the complex, simple

The communication needs of businesses are becoming increasingly complex. They require flexible solutions that can provide robust connectivity across geographic boundaries, facilitate expansion into high growth and challenging environments, or support enable big-data analysis and high speed transactions. At ACG, we’re delivering straightforward, scalable solutions to solve complex communications challenges, so you don’t have to.

 Delivering straightforward, scalable solutions to solve complex communications challenges.

Whether it’s providing cost effective, high speed connectivity, or access to flexible and scalable computing resources – everything we do is tailored to facilitating business growth for our customers without the burden of increased complexity.

We understand the importance of delivering a reliable and complete end-to-end solution and have a wealth of experience in implementing complex IT and Telecommunications infrastructure projects for multinational corporations.

ACG boasts some 100 technical experts and 20 certified project management professionals. In addition, ACG is renowned for high-quality deliverables and we have established our quality control systems based on ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 accreditation.

We'll ensure we deliver smarter solutions for you

With one of the largest private IP backbones worldwide, we’re pioneering the next generation IP-based networks. Our IPX-compliant network provides an optimal voice platform for service providers globally, and supports the development and global delivery of new cutting edge IP-based services such as HD Video Calling.

 Continuing to help shape the future of IPX and other cutting edge technologies.

  • With more than 40 true international VoIPX direct destinations, our IPX network enables local in country access across the globe without any use of Internet or long distance interconnections, including in the hardest to reach areas.
  • We are now one of the most successful VoIPX local access provider in Africa, assuring Africa is the market with the most voice over IPX on-net destinations in the world.
  • As active members of the GSMA Forum and I3 Forum, we are continuing to help shape the future of IPX and other cutting edge technologies in some of the most diverse markets worldwide.

Our collaborative working practices across our global organisation ensures that we are continually pushing the boundaries and building on next generation technology to deliver solutions that are smarter, more intuitive, more flexible and more scalable than ever before.