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Technology moves fast. But the market’s and customer’s readiness to embrace emerging trends often lags behind. Shaking off old-school black-and-white thinking can help speed things up. As can mutual understanding. Gaining acceptance for the analysis of mobile communications data could well become the acid test– for businesses, society, and every one of us.
Movers and shakers in politics and business see huge potential in the analysis of big data from mobile communications and other sources. They believe there are significant benefits to be gained for individuals and for society as a whole. But consumers are, understandably, up in arms about the misuse of their personal details. The result is a vast array of possibilities on the one hand, but fear and distrust on the other – concerns that are creating barriers to entry into a digital society and economy. Against this background, the adoption of innovative analysis technologies requires both sides of the debate to abandon black-and-white mindsets, and to take a nuanced approach to the issues, and to all stakeholders. There is no stopping the onward march of digitization. The data exists, as do the means to capture and evaluate it. But we need to jointly address the questions big data poses. And one thing is crystal clear: transparency and a culture of consent are key.